Booking petsitter

If you want to do a booking for a petsitter please fill in the booking form below .
We will check whether a petsitter is available.
Through the mail we send you a confirmation.

Are you already a customer, after this confirmation, we will arrange everything for catsitting at your house. We will use the instruction for your pet from the previous petsitting.

Are you a new customer, we ask you after our confirmation, to further fill in the intake form (May 2022: clientstop) . We use this information during the intake. This intake is free of charge and without obligation! (if you become a customer, we charge a small fee)

Bookingform petsitting:

*May 2022:  At this moment we are not able to take new customers, ask for the option mediation to colleagues (with this form)

* Book in time for schoolholidays! (min 1 month)

* LASTMINUTE: Bookings 1 week before or during the schoolholidays are charged by a 10% fee (Christmas and Summerholiday 15%)
* 45/60 min/ 2x a day per day is NOT possible during schoolholidays

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    Naam huisdier/name of your pet*

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    Heeft jouw kat gedragsproblemen?/ Catbehaviorproblems?*

    Wat eet jouw kat/katten? (hoeveelheid, brokjes/nat)

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