Checklist Catsitting

Before you leave please can you carefully check this:

Important: Keys & SOS!
– leave the key in the mailbox of the petsitter 3 days before departure, in an envelop with just the name of the petsitter (not your name and adress for safety reasons!).
– Please put a label on the keys with just the cats name on it (not your name and adress for safety reasons!)
– Please can you text the petsitter when you dropped off
– Is the name and telephone nr of the SOS/Spare key person up-to-date and given to Ikpasopjouwkat at the booking? Please check if this person is not away also. Its important because if anything happens with your keys or lock, we must get in to your cats. Please can you give us an update every booking.
– inform the cleaner (if you have) we are coming to catsit (so the door won’t be locked and we do not shy away from each other;))

Please can you put on your counter
– Enough food
– Medication (if necessary)
– Cat litter (largely) and litter scoop.
We prefer working with clumping litter. With regard to safety and the environment/climate, our policy is that if grit does not clump, we will keep the box clean, but the garbage bag will not be taken to the garbage. Check here for advice about good litter for savings and environment.
– Mid-sized bin liners 5 lit/10 lit and large garbage bags (preferable compost/recycle)
as small as possible/less plastic for the environment
– Dustpan & tin/ pilferer
– little cloth and natural cleaning material soda/green soap
– Sponge brush for cleaning entire litter if needed
– gloves
– Watering can
– towel
– Favorite toys
– Envelope (if the key will be put in the mailbox afterwards)
– Transport Basket
– Pet Passport / inentboekje with (desirable) vaccination

Changes catsitperiod
If there are changes in the dates of catsitting by delay or by coming back earlier, please let your catsitter know by texting/sms. Also, can you give the petsitter a text/e-mail about you coming back safely, and cat(s) safely again, that would be great!

The payment for the catsitting (see rates on the website) goes in 2 parts. The first part is a pre/1st deposit for the mediation/administration by Ikpasopjouwkat.
The catsitter will send you a Payment request with the additional amount during or afterwards the catsitting.

Terms & Conditions
The Terms and Conditions applied are as mentioned on the website.

Thanks and we wish you a good and safe trip!

Hartelijke groet,

Marieke & Team
Tel: 06-49662752

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