Intake form new clients

Through the mail you’ve heard from us that a petsitter is available.
We will make an appointment with you for an introduction / intake.

We ask you prior to this meeting to fill out this intakeform with some short questions about your pet(s). This information we will talk through when we meet.

Lastminute fee: Bookings of 7 days or less in advance a 10% surcharge applies/ Schoolholidays: this fee is 15%. Bookings during the Summerholiday are charged by 15%, no matter how many days before you do the booking.

Intakeform new clients

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elke dag/every day 30 min (1 kat € 12,95, 2 katten ‎€ 14,95 etc.)
elke dag/every day 1 uur (1 kat ‎€ 20, ‎€ 2 katten ‎€22,50)
elke dag/day 45 min (1 kat 16,50, 2 katten ‎€18,75)
2x per dag 30 min/ 2x a day 30 min (2x rate)
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If more cats/pets, how is their relationship

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What does your pet eat per day? (type/quantity)

Does your pet need medication? (malady/quantity)

Is the medication going through: mouth/food?

Has your pet had ailments / illnesses in the past?
If so, which and how long ago?

Water on different places? (which)

Does your pet goes outside?

Does your pet have a chip or name tube?

Fill out what your pet loves:
stroking/combing/on your lap/playing?

Fill out what your pet is:

Does your pet ever show deviant behavior like pee/poo outside the litterbox/ extremely anxious/aggressive/something else

How often we clean the litterbox/cage?

Do we take care of the : mailbox/plants/balcony/roofterrace?

Is a cleaner coming during the petsitting? (day/times)

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Key afterwards*:
mailbox/we keep them for you/we bring back (7,50 euro)/you come to collect?

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