Intake form new clients

Through the mail you’ve heard from us that a petsitter is available.
We will make an appointment with you for an introduction / intake.

We ask you prior to this meeting to fill out this intakeform with some short questions about your pet(s). This information we will talk through when we meet.

Intakeform new clients

16-24/10/21 (AUTUMN HOLIDAY) IS FULL!/please book early for Schoolholidays

* LASTMINUTE: Bookings 1 week before or during the schoolholidays are charged by a 10% fee (Christmas and Summerholiday 15%)
* 45/60 min per day is NOT possible during schoolholidays

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    If more cats/pets, how is their relationship

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    What does your pet eat per day? (type/quantity)

    Does your pet need medication? (malady/quantity)

    Is the medication going through: mouth/food?

    Has your pet had ailments / illnesses in the past?
    If so, which and how long ago?

    Water on different places? (which)

    Does your pet goes outside?

    Does your pet have a chip or name tube?

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    stroking/combing/on your lap/playing?

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    Does your pet ever show deviant behavior like pee/poo outside the litterbox/ extremely anxious/aggressive/something else

    How often we clean the litterbox/cage?

    Do we take care of the : mailbox/plants/balcony/roofterrace?

    Is a cleaner coming during the petsitting? (day/times)

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